Site Updates coming soon!

Hope you signed up for the newsletter...  I have a ton of things planned for my site.  I appreciate all the people that support.  Trying to do something a little bit different.  Not just selling shoes,  Yeah that's kool, & it makes me some bread... But after the Expo I was just apart of... it confirmed in me, it's much more than sales, followers, etc... It's the experience.  The joy, the excitement of copin' that special pair.  Wether it be the ones you wanna sell or the ones you wanna rock.  Do you!  Period.  Be you! Period.  And be proud of it! Stay Safe.  

A special free gift for all the newsletter signups from the beginning till now!  Keep an eye on those emails!!! 

Always feel free to comment with any questions, concerns, requests...whatever it is, I'll be sure to get back to you.

Thanks for your continued support.




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